Friday, August 7, 2009

New Sketch from drawing class

This is a sketch that I did after Monica's drawing class. I tend to make my facial features just a little on the large size. But I do like her for a beginning try. She turned out looking somewhat mysterious and!!! I think that next, I will try to paint her. Don't you think she'd be lovely with a big flower in her hair and a pretty dress???? Oh yeah!!!

I've also been playing with my calligraphy and some watercolors. I will post some of them here soon too. I've got another page ready to go in my little altered book that is calling to me also. I've got the background done, and have been trying to decide what the page needs next. So, soon I will have some ideas, and then I will finish it.
I have been busy in our garden this week. It has been a slow year for growing, but things are finally starting to produce. We've been eating sweet corn, a few tomatoes, squash, green beans and cabbage. The eggplant is growing and will be ready soon and I can hardly wait. I love to slice it long ways, a little olive oil and salt and pepper and throw it on the grill. AWESOME!! Oh yeah, and maybe a touch of garlic powder. Yesterday when out in the garden pulling some weeds (such fun), I saw several cucumbers that were just about ready. They grow so fast, and I'm sure that they will be ready to pick today. I think we'll have some tonight for dinner. With as many varieties of things we grow, it is hard to know which veggies to eat each night....It is almost too much!!! But it is all good for us, so it isn't a bad thing. (except for all the butter on the sweet corn....oh my!)
Until next time.....


Fannie said...

Lovely sketch and yummy grilled veggies. Thanks for sharing, Sue.

lori vliegen said...

your drawing is beautiful, sue! and yes, i think she'd be gorgeous painted with a flower in her hair!!

your garden sounds wonderful!! i've never had a green thumb (except when i make a a mess painting!), so i admire your skills in growing your own veggies!! i have a little herb garden on my porch that i've been far it's hanging in there with me, and i feel very "ina garten" every time i go out to snip some basil! :)

Martha Lever said...

YUM!! Sweet corn---my favorite!! Sue, your faces are incredible. I think I should take her class too. She is taking my Calligra-Fun class. I love her faces--I think they are the most beautiful of all. You have done a great job!