Friday, June 12, 2009

Sketching Faces Class

Hello Friends!
I have been taking another class....think I'm a "class-a-holic"!! This class is pencil sketching the face. We just got done learning eyes and next are going on to noses. Then next week, we'll go on to mouths. I suppose that the week after that, we'll go on to the full face with all of the features.
This class is given by Monica Zúñiga of and she is in Mexico. She is a very talented mixed media artist and her work is just beautiful. When I found that she was offering classes, I immediately signed up. She is also offering classes on how to paint faces and backgrounds. I think that I will sign up for one of those when this class is done.
Anyway, I just wanted to show my latest efforts. I am having fun with my sketchbook!!
Have a great day!
hugs, Sue

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

By the Seashore

Boy this is sure where I'd like to be!! How the heck did I ever get all the way out here in Nebraska, in the middle of cowpattyland??? LOL!!! Originally being from California, I do miss the ocean so much! I lived in what is now called Silicon Valley/lived in Sunnyvale/Mt. View area. When I grew up there, it was laid back, with lots of small fruit orchards all over the place. My family would load up in the car on weekends and drive through the Santa Cruz mountains over to the shore. We'd spend of day playing on the beach, swimming in the ocean and eating french bread and dry salami! Oh yeah...and Granny Goose potato chips. Ah...those were the days!!! What great memories!!

Anyway, here is my latest creation. It is a Ros Stallcup design that I have loved for years. I finally got it painted. I am going to get it framed and hang it in my bathroom, where the theme is Seashells by the seashore!!

I have signed up for a new class that starts next month. I am so excited about it. Martha Lever is going to be offering an online calligraphy class with brush markers. She is a very talented lady and I can't wait for it to start. Here is her blog if you might want more info. The class is reasonable $$$ and offers many videos and class material. Go and sign won't be sorry!!!
Have a great day!!!