Saturday, February 27, 2010

Three New Projects

I did a journal page, using some of what I've learned in Sharons Tomlisons' class. The
photo didn't turn out the is much richer in person. Oh well, at least she is here.

I had fun creating a couple of new paintings. These were from some painting magazines that

I've had for quite awhile. It was a nice break from my lessons.

So, now it is back to my lessons. I've only got about 4 more to go with this session. Each one
seems to get a little more difficult, but using different techniques. I am working on a still life now which is a nice break after all of the stokework in the last two lessons. I just hope that it turns out okay. It seems that most of these lessons have what you call "an ugly stage" before it comes around and starts to look like it is suppose to. So, you look at it and say....yuck, this looks awful! You keep on going and pretty soon it takes on a whole new look and you start to feel more confident.
Let's hope so.....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Strokework Lesson

Another lesson done! This one is Rosemaling. Again, strokework is NOT my favorite kind of painting, but I do like this one now that it is done. I made quite a few mistakes on it, but I'm not doing it over again. I now what I did wrong, so I did learn during this lesson. Since I do NOT plan to do anymore strokework in the future, I will call it good...done...and over!! My wonderful hubby built the frame for me and I painted it. I like the way it sets off the painting!
Our next lesson is going to be a landscape and I am really looking forward to that a lot. Much less controlled painting and I think it will be fun.
I am anxious to get back to painting some other things as well. My goal in all of this is to feel confident enough, sure of my knowledge of the technical part of art, composition, color, be able to design and paint "my own thing".
Maybe I should just jump on in and quit letting my fears hold me back. I have done some work of my own, and liked it, so what is holding me back? Fear? Confidence? It certainly isn't time...I have enough of that. Time to do some soul searching and facing this head on....and solving whatever the problem might be. What do you think?? What holds you back?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Four Friends

These are four little 5x5" portraits that I did for Sharons' class. These were such fun to do and I think I will do more of them. Something I can work on in my upstairs' studio (card table in living room) in the evening while the tube is on. I would like to figure out someway to frame them, or display them. Maybe I might mount them on another background or board that I can hang up. This week, we are suppose to work on a journal page, so that is my next project. The snow is flying again this weekend, so it seems that we'll be stuck her for awhile again. Boy, after all of the snow we have had this winter, I am really getting antsy to get outside when it gets warm, and dig in the dirt. I think I will place an order for veggies seeds this weekend so I am prepared to start my plants in the greenhouse. Right now, the greenhouse is snowed in and I could get to it if I tried. Oh yes, I just L O V E winter!!! YUCK!@

Friday, February 12, 2010

Rosemaling-Telemark Lesson

Another lesson completed. This was painted on an 18" plate and I rather like the way it turned out. I am not into strokework and have a hard time with it. Especially the long scrolls. I like the colors! I am working on the next lesson, which is another lesson involving strokework. After I get that one done, the next lesson is a landscape with a fox! I am looking forward to that one after all of this strokework. Painting is my therapy and these days, I need lots of therapy!!! I have just about finished a series of altered art pics from Sharons' class and will post them when the details have been added to them. I am having fun painting my little faces. Much more fun that strokework, for sure!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Class work

I am taking Sharon Thomlinsons' "Faces" class and I worked on this first piece yesterday. This is a little canvas 5x5". We learned some of her painting techniques, adding napkins to the painting and even how to do transfers. Wonderful stuff....if you are looking for a good class to learn to paint This is the place. Her teaching style is wonderful and very in depth.
Painting has been good therapy for me and I find that I can just get lost in my work and the world around me just goes on and on. I am in another place. I am getting better as time goes by, the pain is still "right there" but I am dealing with it better each day. I am overwhelmed with the sadness of it all, but know that time will help.
I miss you "Miss Kylie"!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Kylie Photo...

Lovin' this one. She loved to fish, play softball and swim!!!