Monday, August 24, 2009

Isn't she a beauty????

Please take a look at this beauty!! The Singer sewing machine was my Grandmothers, and then my Moms' and I've owned it since I was a young girl. I used the make all of my own Barbie Doll clothes on it. It is a 1925 Electric Singer sewing machine. I was told that it was the very first portable electric model they made. Don't know if that is true or not, but it is a beauty.
I've got the original attachments box, along with quite a few attachments and tools, and the original instruction booklet that came with it.
I got it out today to check it out and make sure it was still in good shape and so I thought that maybe you would enjoy looking at it too. It still works like a new one...although, it only sews ONE way. Makes a straight stitch and that is it. If you want to lock you seams you have to turn the fabric around and go back over your first stitches. LOL!!! No Zig Zag on this baby!!!!
It weighs a ton and I had trouble getting the umph~! to get it hoisted up on the table.
Here are a few more pics of it.
I want to use it to make some of my planned fabric collage items that are rolling around in my head. I have a newer machine too and will probably use that as well.

This photo shows some of the attachments and the booklet and box.

This fits into the front of the machine and hangs down. You use your knee to operate the machine by pushing on this.

It's even got a light!!!!!

Outside of case when closed with key attached to the handle above.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at this fine piece of work from the past. I treasure this gem and will probably always keep it. I have no idea what it might be worth to a collector????


Diane said...

Sue, Thank you for your kind words about Danny.

Martha Lever said...

WOW, Sue, what a beautiful machine! Bet it's worth a mint!

lori vliegen said...

oh yes, she's quite a beauty!! and she may be an oldie, but she's definitely a goodie!! have fun, sue!! :)