Monday, February 7, 2011

WIP New Collage

This collage isn't done yet, but I thought I would post my progress so far. I am LOVING these rich fabrics that I bought awhile ago. All silks, velvets, brocades and embroidered silks. I added some trims that I had and some lace pieces to set it off. I am thinking that it needs something along the top of the collage. Maybe some more fabric scrap collage and some bling!! I will have to play with it some more and see what I can come up with.
I really do enjoy working with the fabrics a lot. I bought this fabric a couple of weeks ago from a seller on Ebay that offered a big lot of mixed "elegant" fabrics. Most of them are fairly small pieces that are perfect for collage work. I made the mistake of sorting them into color groups and bagging them up to organize. Now, as I work with them, I see that I need to get myself a big bin and just dump them together so I can see what pieces I have to add as I work. It is taking too much time to sort through each nice little neat bag to find the pieces I want to use.
So, the next time I get close to Wallyworld, I will buy some more storage bins....large ones.
Also, I ordered some burgundy, dk. brown, hunter green and black velvet to use to back my collages. It is an upholstery weight velvet and it will work great as a base for these.
I love the freehand stitching on this and think it really adds to the collage.

Close up of on it to enlarge

A little closer view
Stay tuned for the finished piece soon.
I have already started another one in pinks, creams and soft sage greens.....think it is going to be pretty!!!
Have a lovely day and try to stay warm. We got up this morning to 2 degrees!! Brrrrr......
Love and hugs, Sue K