Friday, October 22, 2010

Been Stitchin'

Hello friends!
It has been a long time since I posted on my blog, but I hope to change that. I've been busy in my sewing room stitchin' away. I have done a little painting too, but nothing that is done that I can show you yet. (key work...yet)
My Mom sent me the cutest little tablecloth not too long ago. I just loved it with all my heart, but it was too small for any of my tables. I hung it over the rail in our kitchen so that I could look at it, hoping for some inspiration. One day, it came to me....CURTAINS for my kitchen. It was white with multi colored flowers and stitching so the colors would go great with my butter yellow walls. I held my breath and cut it in half, then in half again for curtains. I used an old percale pillow case, and cut enough for the rod casing on the top. I stitched them all together, pressed them and went about hanging them up in just a couple of hours.

Close up of the appliqued floral pattern and embroidery. I even added a little lace to the bottom of them too. Sorry about the dark photos....wish they were better!

I also have been making quite a few fabric collages and some little gift bags. I will try to get some photos of them and post here in the next days.
Our weekend weather doesn't sound very nice....cold and rainy, but that means studio and sewing room time. Woooooohooooooo!!!!!
Have a great weekend! Thanks for visiting!
Hugs, Sue K