Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Art Journaling Class!

I am currently taking a class from Julie Pritchard called Layer Love. We are learning how to apply layers of paint to build up a wonderful, deep, rich background for journal pages and/or artwork. I haven't finished the class yet, but I'm lovin' what I am learning.
Now she is offering a couple of new classes. They are called Art Journaling Super Nova. The class is so full of information and how to videos, that she has had to split it into two separate classes. Part one is Bookbinding and part two is Art Journaling. If you go to her blog, and sign up for her classes, she is offering a special on them. You can buy them as a combo package for a reduced price. I think that I will be signing up for them. She is a great teacher and these classes are jammed packed full of tons of info. and how to's!!! Go and check it out!!!!
****EDIT***** Wooooohoooooooooo!!!! Just found out that I won one of Julies' free classes!!! I am going to take the bookbinding class for sure! I am so excited!!!!!!!! Thanks Julie!

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lori vliegen said...

thanks for the info sue....i'm headed over now to check it out! :)