Thursday, February 19, 2009

I just got done with this lesson today. It is painted on an old painters' box that I bought years ago at a sale. Now, it has a new lease on life. This was another lesson with layer upon layer of paint and transparent washes. I wasn't too crazy about the end results at first, but it is growing on me. Now, I have to paint the inside of the box, which is little cubbies for brushes, paint and supplies.

I think the next thing I will work on will be something in watercolor or another mixed media collage. They are such fun to do.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boy, it has been awhile since I've adding anything new to my blog. It's been busy around here ....still!! Same for everyone, I am sure! I've been busy painting all kinds of things. I've got my Traditions lessons going strong again and am feeling better about getting caught up. I am somewhat behind in the other two classes I am currently taking...Watercolor Journaling and Inspirational Journaling. I LOVE the watercolor class. In fact I did my first "real" watercolor the other day. This painting was published in the current issue of Paintworks, and since it is a farm scene, I had to try to paint it for my hubby. He loves it. I can see a lot of things I should have done differently, but hey, it's not bad for a newbie watercolorist!!!
Then I finished another Traditions lesson. This one was very difficult...layer after layer of transparent paint to achieve depth. It did turn out nicely, and I am wishing that I had spent the money of the box it was suppose to be painted on, instread of a masonite panel. Oh well, I can always do it again on another surface. We are studying Intensity in this Module and it is interesting. Here is my rendition of "Jonah and the whale".

I am now working on my newest lesson, which is a French Regency design and it is beautiful. Lots of flowers!!!

I have also been working on my Watercolor Journal and it is such fun.

Here are a couple of my recent pages....

These are just little quick sketches that I've done. I've got more and will upload them as I get time.

I am ready for winter to be overwith. It has been such a cold one this year. We had some nice weather above freezing last week and got rid of a lot of the ice and snow we had piled up around here. It was just treacherous to walk anywhere....even from the house to the car to leave. I hate ice!! In the middle of the week, they have in the forecast for more snow....Oh goody!!!