Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Birdie houses!

Here are some more of the little birdie houses that I made earlier. I am going to work on my Etsy shop today and get them added. I really wanted to have a second store on Etsy, just for my artwork, but I contacted them and they don't really like for you to have more than one shop as it confusing things. So I will added them to my Wood Cellar Graphics store under a different catagory. I hope they don't get lost in the shuffle!!!

This one has a little bell hanging on the front and an old washer around the "birdie" hole.
This one has a little locket and key hanging on the front and antique lace around the outside edge.
This one has a little bell on the front!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!! Thank you for visiting and for all the warm, kind comments. I do appreciate it!


Martha Lever said...

These are adorable, Sue! Have a happy Thanksgiving

Judy Alexander said...

Love your birdhouses!

Renee Troy said...

Love your bird houses. I saw your adorable avatar on Martha's blog and had to come visit. I'm glad I did.