Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Details, details.......and fun!

I've started another schedule of Traditions classes. This is from Module D. It was suppose to painted on a beautiful, big wooden box, but it was very expensive! So I decided to paint it on two boards instead. The floral design is suppose to be on top of the box lid, and the geometric design is suppose to be on the inside of the lid.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this geometric design...maybe hang it in my studio. I really am not crazy about it, thats for sure. But, with these lessons, we can't choose what to paint, so have to complete each lesson as is. This was a study of Marquetry, but done with paint. We had to apply layers of transparent paint to build up the colors and shading. Marquetry is normally done with all kinds of inlaid wood.
This little painting is from my gut art class with Mystele. I had the background done, and saw an arm and a shoulder.....and suddenly "she" appeared in the background. This is my first NUDE painting....lol!!! I couldn't decided on what clothes to put on her, and decided that she was supposed to be naked, walking through her flower garden. So....she is!!! This was much more fun to paint than the above paintings were.

Today. I am working on some items to add to my Etsy store. Oooopsss..it will be a NEW Etsy store for my artwork. I thought it really wouldn't work to put paintings in with my rubber stamps, so "Beyond the Cellar" will be my new store. I will post when I open it so you can peek at what I've been doing....
Have a good one!!


lori vliegen said...

your artwork is so wonderfully diverse, sue!! that must have felt good to go from the intricate design of the geometric faux inlaid, to the very free "girly girl" gut art painting!! you do it all.....and you do it beautifully!! :))

Martha Lever said...

Beautiful paintings!! And I just love your nude. Very tasteful!! :)