Monday, November 16, 2009

Italic Calligraphy Class

It's been awhile since I posted anything here. Been busy like everyone else, I guess. I've been taking a new class Italic Calligraphy from Martha and loving every minute of it. Above are a lot of the practice sheets I've done. I have lots to learn yet, but it is a good start. I tried to learn
calligraphy on my own years ago...bought some books, pens and paper, but never got very far. It is so worthwhile to take a class from someone either in person, or the next best thing *online*!!
Martha has been a calligrapher for over 25 years and is a natural teacher. I am so glad that I am taking this class from her and making progress. Her work is just beautiful. She has a lovely southern accent that is fun to listen to in her class videos.
I have also been busy making some fun things for my new Etsy store. I have a few more items to get done yet, and then will open the store. Hope to sell a few gifts for Christmas! I already have a store for my rubber stamps, but didn't want to mix the stamps and my artwork. So, soon, Beyond the Cellar will open up on Etsy. In the next day or two, I'll post some of the items I've made that will go in my store.


lori vliegen said...

your practice papers look beautiful, sue!! i know that martha will be SO proud of you!! and i totally agree about martha being the perfect teacher....i sure wish i had known her when i was first trying to learn from a book (then i wouldn't have gotten into so many bad habits!!)! keep up the great work!! :))

Martha Lever said...

Oh Sue, these practice sheets are just lovely!!!! I am SO PROUD of you and thank you so much for blogging this. I will give you a link tomorrow because you are GOOD advertisement for this class 'cause your practice sheets look FABULOUS!!!!

Rose of Sharon said...

Hi Sue! Your lettering looks great!!Really good! I'm also in Martha's calligraphy class-Sherry Awdish.