Monday, July 5, 2010

Traditions Lesson #D-8 done!

I am getting close to getting through my studies with Traditions paint, and the painting Modules that they offer. I started this journey over two years ago and have learned so very much. With four Modules (A,B, C and D) It is hard to believe that I am almost through Module D.
The above painting is a study of the color wheel, using foliage from different plants. I did enjoy painting it, although there are some! And I'm not telling what they are. It took me months to get this lesson done, having to remix my colors once because my palette dried out
since it took me so long. Now it is done! I am going to take the rest of the summer off from my lessons and start again in the fall. I only have three more lessons to go and I will be done.

I have a bunch of "other" projects in the works, so I hope to be posting more soon. I am outside so much in the summer, that my studio gets neglected terribly. I will probably have to clean out the cobwebs in there when I start again. I plan to expand my studio into another room too, as now I need a place to store and work on fabrics. Instead of trying to cram everything into my current studio, I will clean out a place in another room and set up everything. I'll be more organized and everything will be close by that I need.

Thanks for taking a peek! I hope to be posting more often now!


Martha Lever said...

This is absolutely lovely, Sue!! WOW you did a great job!!!!

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