Saturday, July 17, 2010


Each Spring, we plant tons of tomato plants. We are both tomato lovers and can eat them nonstop all day long! There is nothing in the world as delicious as a homegrown fresh tomato!
The past week we have been getting a few ripe ones here and there, and then Thurs. I went to pick, and there were 15 beautiful ripe red tomatoes, ready to go!! So we have been in tomato heaven.
How do you like your tomatoes??? Salt and pepper?? Hubby likes sugar on them (midwest thing, I think) or do you like them with a little vinegar and oil on them?? I like them all ways...except the sugar. We planted some Black Krimm tomatoes this year. They are a dark burgandy color and are they ever sweet and good. I can't get enough of them. We are going to be planting more of them each year.
Soon, my eggplant will be ready and I can hardly wait for them!!! I love to slice them long ways, a little olive oil, salt and pepper and throw them on the grill. Oh Lord, it is heavenly!!!
Have a lovely Saturday! It is really, really hot and humid here, so this afternoon, this old woman is going to go and float in our pool!!!
hugs, Sue


Miss CT said...

I love your tomato love sketch. How cute is that? :) I miss having a garden. Maybe some day I'll be in a place where I can have one once again. Until then, do you ship veggies?! hee hee

Happy Sunday!

Diane said...

Sue, fresh off the vine, warm from the sun and a bit of salt....! Yum!
Ours aren't red yet. But the vines are FULL!!! of that new sewing room soon????