Saturday, February 13, 2010

Four Friends

These are four little 5x5" portraits that I did for Sharons' class. These were such fun to do and I think I will do more of them. Something I can work on in my upstairs' studio (card table in living room) in the evening while the tube is on. I would like to figure out someway to frame them, or display them. Maybe I might mount them on another background or board that I can hang up. This week, we are suppose to work on a journal page, so that is my next project. The snow is flying again this weekend, so it seems that we'll be stuck her for awhile again. Boy, after all of the snow we have had this winter, I am really getting antsy to get outside when it gets warm, and dig in the dirt. I think I will place an order for veggies seeds this weekend so I am prepared to start my plants in the greenhouse. Right now, the greenhouse is snowed in and I could get to it if I tried. Oh yes, I just L O V E winter!!! YUCK!@


Martha Lever said...

You have done a wonderful job on these girls. i am up visiting our daughter and we have 3 inches of show here in Greenville. That's always fun for me to see snow. I think it has been years since I have seen this much. I haven't had a chance to view Sharon's videos for this week but I am really looking forward to it!!

Bubu said...


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Bubu said...

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Diane said...

Hi Sue, I'm in Sharon's class with you--I love that class!! These are wonderful, and they look even better in this grouping--beautiful!!

Creative Potential said...

I like the grouping too...they look nice together.

Good job