Friday, July 13, 2012

Quiet, but still here!

As Spring and Summer came along, I found myself busy with the planting of seeds, starting seedlings in my greenhouse, and then transfering everything to the garden.  Our garden is so huge each year and it takes a lot to get it all put in, and then water, water, water!!!  We had to plant all of our tomato plants elsewhere this year.  We have had several years of wet Springs, and tomato plants get early blight so easily.  Then it gets in the soil, and stays there.  So we picked a new spot for the 'maters this year and they are doing great!  I think we will have a bumper crop of 'maters.  My salsa supply is low, so I will replenish it.  Then can just tomatoes.  YUM!!  Even canned, they taste so good in the winter time.
We purchased about a dozen new fruit trees and also started a strawberry patch.  We planted the fruit trees all around the outside of the garden.  We have decided that starting next year, our veggie garden is going to shrink a lot!  We are getting older and all that tilling and such is getting to be a bit much!
So far, we have been eating tomatoes, cucumbers and zuchinni and yellow summer squash.  Our first planting of sweet corn should be ready soon.  Green beans are setting on now, so it won't be long.  Then you get to the stage where you have so many different things to eat, that it is hard to choose.  LOL!!
I hope to be able to get back to my artwork soon.  My craft room is all clean and ready to go...except for a few dust bunnies that may be growing down there as we speak.  I am very anxious to get to painting and creating again.  I do have a commission to make a wall hanging for someone, so that will get my creative juices going.
I hope you are all having a wonderful summer!!  Talk to you again soon!
hugs, Sue K

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