Monday, April 11, 2011

So Lucky!

Last week, I was picked to be a winner of Donna's giveaway on her blog, Brynwood Needleworks!  She was giving away TWO prizes in her drawing.  Since I am one that usually NEVER wins anything, I was tickled to death when my name was picked for one of the gift packages.  My package arrived late last week and this is a photo of what I was lucky enough to win! 
One of her wonderful mug mats (which I will use here on my computer desk), a set of darling little ceramic birdies, a REAL hummingbird nest, a $25 Target gift card and last but certainly not least, one of her handmade pillow cases.  Now this pillow case is gorgeous, made of silky fabric, maybe percale?  Whatever the fabric is, it is wonderful.  Almost too pretty to use!! 
Thank you so much Donna! 

Then to top things off, I have won a second giveaway drawing!!  Go figure!  I will take photos of it when it arrives and share my joy with you then.

I hope to be able to post more.  I've been a BAD blogger!!  I do have lots to photograph and share though.  I've been stitching away and having a ball. 

Finally, we are having a sunny day here.  It has been so gloomy lately and it is nice to see the sun.  I have been busy in my greenhouse, planting up a storm.  I've got all my vegtable plants started in little pots and tons of flower seeds started too.  I planted 150 tomato plants and  400 pots of flowers.  YEAH...I am crazy!!
For those that don't know, we sell at Farmers' Market each summer and have just a huge garden area and lots of flower beds.  Maybe with the work that gardening provides, I can take off some of this "winter fluff" that I seem to have accumulated!!  LOL!!!

Have a great day.  I hope to be back soon to post somemore pics!
hugs, Sue K

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lori vliegen said...

congrats on your giveaway winnings (shall we go out and buy a lottery ticket?!) looks like you've won some fabulous goodies!! have fun with your garden! xox