Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all!!

Here's to hoping that you all are having a Merry Christmas! Blessed with family, friends and the joy of the season!

Hugs, Sue K


Diane said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments about the embroidery on my pouches. There are 3 great authors for embroidery...actually more...
Erica Wilson
Dorothy Bond
Carole Samples
Judith Baker Montano
I learned years and years ago in a class and the Erica Wilson book. Then I found my 1st crazy quilt stitch book by Dorothy Bond...which is small, spiral bound, easy to carry around. Once you get the basic stitched down, you can create anything! The basics are soooo simple! If you lived here I'd teach you myself! :-)
You can probably get any of these authors as used books on Amazon. Let me know how you make out!
Hugs and Happy New Year,

Linda Stubbs said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Sweet Sue!

Thank you so for coming it when you do. I don't get to do the blog hopping like I used to. Working at the college kitchen......whole fam......with. I would so rather be home.......but have to be thankful right? Lots of people don't have jobs these days.

Glad you signed up for the party!

The snowman party was a blast! I love having them here.......really quiet when they leave!

Hugs sweetie, Linda

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Sue, I'm so glad you found me! LOVE your rubber stamps, they are soooo happy. Thanks for entering the contest, come back often. Take care, here's to a great New Year. Riki