Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finally~Time to Create!

Hello Friends.....
I am so happy that I finally had some time to work on some projects yesterday. It was a rainy, cool day, so I spent the afternoon at my sewing machine making these two little gift bags. One is for my Mom and the other is for a friend. I was in such a hurry to get them done, and ready to mail today, I forgot to take photos of the lavender sachets inside of them. Oh well, I will be making more of them and will remember to take pics.

I just love working with this cotton canvas fabric. The images were printed on muslin with my inkjet printer. I use the freezer paper method and so far, have had really good results. I only had one sheet jam in my printer, and then I could still use two out of the three images I had tried to print. Not bad!
I would love to try some of the other methods of transfer and probably will when I have more time to play.

Click on the photos above and you will be able to get a better look at them. My photography skills are lacking....especially when in such a hurry to get them done.
I have been shopping online for fabric and have been adding to my stash so that I have plenty to work with over the winter months to keep me busy. Muslin, burlap, ticking, and many other beautiful fabrics. I always check out the remnants bin in the fabric dept and find many pretty pieces there for a nice discount. Also, Etsy is a great place for fabric finds!
I am working on a couple more projects and will post them in a few days, when they are done. Now that Fall is almost upon us, I will be working on many more ideas that I have.
One thing I have to get done is to get my studio cleaned and ready to work in again. The dust bunnies have been busy this summer, while the artist in residence has been absent. I couldn't work on my painting table right now if I tried. It is piled high with "STUFF" ! Now, I have to put it all away and find my table again.
I hope you are having a creative and good week! Thanks for stopping by!
hugs, Sue K


Diane said...

Oh my, these are gorgeous!

Diane said...

Sue, they turned out so pretty!! I like all of the same kinds of fabric you do.

Oh...the other transfer methods...Avery whole page labels go through the printer better than the freezer paper! Freda B from "Sew What's New" sent me a sheet and I've been using it ever since and love it. Plus, it's reusable a few times! $4.40 for 10 sheets at W-M!

It looks like you're having fun finally getting to play!

Hugs, Diane

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

These look just beautiful, you are so talented!

Have a wonderful week!
Big hugs,

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Hi Sue, me again!

Thanks so much for your input on the paint color for the bench, I really do appreciate it!

Have a wonderful week!