Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Addition to my Gut Art book

One of the inspirational videos we watched in my Gut Art class I found so beautiful was the Omo people. They are a tribe in Ethiopia and the live life naturally. They use each others' bodies as a canvas and paint on them. They then adorn each other with flowers, stems of grasses, pods and fruits. I tried to quickly capture a little of this beauty in my artwork above. I would like to paint more of these, but take my time with it. With our Gut Art book, we are suppose to do a quick sketch and go at it with freedom and movement. I had a lot of fun working on this. Tomorrow, I will be working on another painting that will be inspired by some music we will listen to.
This class is just awesome!!!

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Martha Lever said...

Sue, this is incredible. She looks like she is looking right at me wiih penetrating eyes that are beautiful. Dod you learn how to do that from Monica! You have convinced me, I think I will take her class. Which one was it? You are doing a great job with the Gut art. I wish I had done that. Hopefully Mystele will offer the class again.