Friday, June 12, 2009

Sketching Faces Class

Hello Friends!
I have been taking another class....think I'm a "class-a-holic"!! This class is pencil sketching the face. We just got done learning eyes and next are going on to noses. Then next week, we'll go on to mouths. I suppose that the week after that, we'll go on to the full face with all of the features.
This class is given by Monica Zúñiga of and she is in Mexico. She is a very talented mixed media artist and her work is just beautiful. When I found that she was offering classes, I immediately signed up. She is also offering classes on how to paint faces and backgrounds. I think that I will sign up for one of those when this class is done.
Anyway, I just wanted to show my latest efforts. I am having fun with my sketchbook!!
Have a great day!
hugs, Sue


Martha Lever said...

Hey Sue,
There is a recipe but you can buy it and it's called Elmers Art paste. You mix it up to a thickness that resembles liquid mat medium. Then you wet your paper down with this paste and lay on color--acrylic or watercolor from the tube. Nice effects.

Martha Lever said...

Hey Sue,
You are so encouraging! I also don't use reds much either. I might add more college elements and that is always a challenge for me--to add more college elements. Thanks for your comments.

Diane said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked about the pretty deep lavender flowers....

They are the Blue Danube variety of Ageratum.

They ARE gorgeous, aren't they!!!

Hope to see you again sometime.


Sharon said...

Sue, your eye sketches are great. This must be a great online class. Thanks for the link. I'm hopping over

Martha Lever said...

Hi Sue! Thanks for your visit! Love seeing you come around!

Martha Lever said...

Hi Sue! Drag that machine out---all you really need is a few stitches and your off!!!

lori vliegen said...

hi sue!! your eyes are looking fabulous....i think that they're difficult to do, but yours look like a pro!! i think i'm a class-a-holic too....i definitely have a yearning for learning!! thanks for your sweet, sweet comment on my blog....i always enjoy seeing your smile! :)

Martha Lever said...

Hi Sue!! Yes you should try it!!! It's fun!!