Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's been awhile since I posted again. This time of year, on the farm, things are very busy. Crops to get in, gardens to plant, and cows to take care of. We just came in from moving our cows down to the pasture for the summer. All went very well....with no crazy cows of calves running the wrong way and not following the rest. They went into the pasture all together and we are done. The pasture is beautiful now. Full of tall blue grass and will keep them all fed until fall.

I finished my last lesson in Module C (Traditions). I have posted it below. I hope to spend this summer painting some others pieces that I have in mind and I will post them here. I have quite a few pieces in different stages of applying all of the mixed media on them. I want to get the ones I've got started finished and then start some new ideas. I will be opening an Etsy shop for my artwork and will announce it here when some items are for sale. I am not sure what my Etsy shop name will be, but might just stick with "Beyond the Cellar" for now.
Thanks for looking! Hope you are having a wonderful warm Spring where you are!


Martha Lever said...

oh Sue!! Thank you thank you hugs and kisses to you. Anytime you need any extra help feel free to email me anytime! Really!

presious said...


That is so cool working on the farm. Yes, I know, it is a LOT of work. I think cows are cute :). No, I wouldn't want one as a pet! Too big and eats too much lol!

Love the painting of the wine glass. Back at the junior college, I took a class using char choral...I think that is what it was lol! It came in all colors and I loved the class. The teacher would put on classical music and give us an object to draw. He would walk around and critic us as we worked. It was sooo cool!

Hmmm... I think I just talked myself into an idea :)...possibly taking a class!

Well thank you Sue!! :)

presious said...

...ooops! that word should be "critique" not critic...:)