Thursday, April 23, 2009

My latest lesson! I have always been rose challenged. I have books, videos...etc.etc. on painting roses. I could NOT for the life of me, paint a rose. These roses aren't the best, but I am so proud of them! I practiced and practiced until I felt confident to add them to this picture. With our Traditions lessons, our teacher sends videos of herself painting the actual painting. We can watch them as many times as we need to before attempting the lesson. We also get a long written copy of the lesson, with some art history thrown in as well. It is a wonderful program. If you find that you might be interested in taking these lessons, email me and I'll send you info. about them.
I have two more lessons in Module C to paint. I am working on Lesson 9 right now. Once I am through with Mod. C, I plan to go on to Mod D when it is available. This should be in the fall.
Meanwhile, I plan to paint some of the other works that I've been planning on for a long time. So watch for more posts in the near future!!!


sarah said...

wow! your trays are exquisite. such patience and skill, well done

Amber Hall said...

Sue ... I am SO proud of you for finshing Mod C. Well done!